About Us...
Our parents, Giovanna and Ottorino, were born and raised on neighboring farms in Naples, Italy. They were married in 1957 and decided to come to America. Like all other immigrants they had the dream they could make a good life in the land of opportunity.

Giovanna said if Ottorino wanted to invest their money in a business. It needed to be something that she could help him with. They decided with Giovanna’s recipes they could open a restaurant.



In April of 1972, they found a little pizzeria owned and operated by a man named Benny. They decided to buy it and keep the name so that they would not lose any customers that Benny already had, but changed the recipes to Giovanna’s recipes and hoped people would like it. In order to make their food have the best possible flavor and quality they made the dough, sauce, and other items fresh daily. Our parents grew their business by producing the best possible food at the fairest price possible.  
Rino jr. and Mom
Today, we continue to use all of the same recipes our mom taught us and follow all the ideals our father taught us. We promise to continue to give you the best product we can possibly produce.

We would like to thank both our customers and community for more than thirty years of support.

Eat well and enjoy!

The DiNardi Family


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